Forward this On! Train Your Staff on Preventing Metal Contamination

23 August, 2017, , on

With metal contamination being one of the leading causes of food contamination, it’s vital to make sure that your staff have adequate training. What do they need to know?

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Where to Place Metal Detectors on Your Food Processing Line

17 August, 2017, , on

Metal detectors will reduce the risk of foreign contamination in your plant, but where is the best place to locate them?

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The Massive Coles and Woolies Bread Recall that Could Have Been Avoided with Metal Detectors

11 August, 2017, , on

Consumers were shocked when 17 bread ranges were recalled from major Aussie supermarkets for metal contamination. If only the processors involved had used metal detectors.

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Treasure, Guns and Old Cars: Six of the Most Incredible Metal Detector Finds

04 August, 2017, , on

Old pirate treasure, Viking jewellery and massive gold nuggets - here are six of the most unusual metal detector finds of all time.

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What Are the Top Three Causes of Food Recalls in Australia?

28 June, 2017, , on

Don’t let your company fall victim to expensive product recalls. Find out what the top three causes of food recalls are, and learn how to protect your business.

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Five Easy Ways to Protect Your Business from Product Recalls

16 June, 2017, , on

Product recalls are costly, time consuming and potentially embarrassing. Use these tips to avoid exposure, keeping standards high and customers happy.

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Optimise Sanitation in Your Plant with CIP, Colour Coding and Cleaning

09 June, 2017, , on

A clean plant is a safe plant, and one that is at minimal risk for costly food recalls. Here’s how you can optimise the cleaning and sanitation processes in your plant.

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Beware! The Mislabelling Errors That Can Lead to Costly Recalls

02 June, 2017, , on

Have you ever thought about the cost and logistics of recalling one or more of your products? If your labels are incorrect or incomplete the outcome can be dire.

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Implementing the 5S Steps to Improve Productivity and Efficiency

26 May, 2017, , on

The 5S principles are a tried and tested means of reducing inefficiency and poor organisation within business. Once in place, these principles ensure that your company is...

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Two Quick Wins to Make Productivity Gains at Work

16 May, 2017, , on

The most successful businesses are good at creating a culture of productivity within their workplaces. In partnership with efficiency specialists Vative, we have identified six...

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